Muralya Dairy

  • Muralya Diary

Muralya Dairy, is a first-of-its-kind, superior farm-to-home milk, from India’s most modern and fully mechanized dairy farm, with a production capacity of 1,00,000 litres a day. An ISO 9000 and AGMARK certified company, committed to international standards of product quality. All made from 100 percent fresh cow’s milk, fully automatic processing plant assure freshness and flavour in every hermetically sealed bottle. Our product portfolio includes milk, ghee, dahi and fruit yogurt.

The farm is the most advanced in India, equipped with the finest international technology for feeding, milking and processing, conforming to international dairy practices with a herd strength capacity of 4000 milking cows.

Muralya Dairy brand is a reflection of our passion for milk. Milk captures the imagination, sparks interest and ideas, adds colour and flavour, and makes us feel fulfilled and happy. We believe in the significant part played by milk, strengthening and protecting the body and mind to live a fuller, more complete life each day. We know that cow’s milk at its best represents the pinnacle of nutrition and health!

Apart from providing healthy nutritious milk and milk products to the community, Muralya Dairy aims to generate employment for the educated as well as semi-skilled or unskilled labour while also assuring livelihood to a large number of farmer families.