Focus Areas

  • Sustainability

    We do not own the planet, but are merely custodians of it for our future generations. It is this fundamental principle that drives our efforts to maintaining and nurturing the environment from implementing green activities within our various organizations to educating the masses on sustainability.

  • Welfare

    The foundation aims to drive maximum efforts into the welfare of the weaker segments of society. As it's pioneer initiative, it has adopted the agricultural village of Yeroor and has taken complete responsibility for the elderly, homeless and families below poverty line through pension schemes, housing projects and medical assistance among others.

  • Education

    Education is the foundation of a developed society and hence is the cornerstone of all initiatives from running aided schools to free career guidance programs, scholarships for talented yet financially challenged students etc.

  • Healthcare

    Every human being warrants quality healthcare, but unfortunately today we see a disparity in what is being offered to the financially challenged. In addition to various healthcare initiatives, the Muralya Foundation also runs its own hospital dedicated to the service of the local, needy populace.