SFC Group, a business conglomerate, is one of UAE’s largest hospitality operators and is the holding company for the critically acclaimed brands - India Palace restaurants, Avenue Hotel, SFC Plus. The group with its operations in the Middle-East and India has established it’s pre-eminence in the triad of hospitality, FMCG and Property Investment and Development. Through its forefront hospitality and allied business, with 50 operational outlets across over 1 million square feet of retail space, the award winning organization has been catering to millions of customers.


To attain and maintain a premium position in the Food, Hospitality and Service industry by surpassing the expectations of our guests, and by delivering superior value to our associates.


Through our continuing dedication to excellence in service, we are committed to achieve guest satisfaction, ensuring at the same time growth, development and welfare of our employees. In our quest to make our presence felt in all segments of the food, hospitality and service industry, we will maintain the tempo of rapid growth of our organization without compromising on our benchmarks.


We believe that businesses should establish certain standards of operation that embrace principles of integrity, dedication to customers, commitment to employees, responsibility towards the community and continuous improvement. We pledge to operate our business by applying these principles to our activity.

Integrity must not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-term business success. We deal fairly in all our business relations.

We are dedicated in providing the best quality product and services to our customers, and we are constantly trying to surpass the expectations of our customers.

Our people are our most valuable resource. We possess immense powers of innovation, imagination, skill and, a desire to accomplish something of significance. Working as a team allows all of us to realize our full potential.

We recognize and enthusiastically accept our responsibility to the community. We serve by acting as a good neighbor and through involvement and support for community activities.

We believe in continuous improvement of our products, services and processes.